AI Rant-ish thing. Most of it’s valid. Some of it’s just biased.

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"Fiction Writer’s Cheat Sheet."

these fuckers thinking marriage means the woman has no say

these fuckers calling the woman a heartless bitch for having friends

those fuckers

We’ve got all these widows and orphans, but … What do you call someone who lost a child?

You’d think someone would’ve given that a name.




daily reminder to stop supporting stephen colbert

wheres the joke? wheres the joke colbert

This is the joke. The joke is that the Washington Redskins organization refuses to acknowledge that the term “Redskins” may in fact be racist, so they started an organization to provide resources to Native Americans, which completely misses the point.

Colbert’s (non-existent, btw) “Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever” is a parody of what the Redskins organization is actually doing in actual reality

It’s lampooning actually stupid bullshit that you, for some reason, are NOT paying attention to.

That’s the joke, you humorless animals.