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does “man town” smell like sweat, farts, and bbq corn nuts?

So, I remade the blog. I feel like this blog has been kind of tarnished. I want to stay, but it just doesn’t feel very fun anymore. If you are interested in my new blog, like this post and I’ll send you a link. It’s still me, it’s still invested in social issues and fandom, but way more organized and way less crowd pleasing.

AI Rant-ish thing. Most of it’s valid. Some of it’s just biased.

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"Fiction Writer’s Cheat Sheet."

these fuckers thinking marriage means the woman has no say

these fuckers calling the woman a heartless bitch for having friends

those fuckers

We’ve got all these widows and orphans, but … What do you call someone who lost a child?

You’d think someone would’ve given that a name.